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Kunihiro Kishi
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  • Faculty of Public Policy Public Policy Public Policy

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  • Professor


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  • 都市計画   交通計画   交通工学   

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  • Social infrastructure (civil Engineering, architecture, disaster prevention) / Civil engineering (planning and transportation)

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  • 2021/06 - Today Public Policy School, Hokkaido University Professor
  • 2021/04 - 2021/05 北海道大学大学院公共政策学連携研究部 准教授
  • 2010/04 - 2021/03 北海道大学大学院工学研究院 准教授
  • 2008/06 - 2010/03 Hokkaido University Graduate School of Engineering
  • 2007/04 - 2008/05 Hokkaido University Graduate School of Engineering
  • 1999/04 - 2007/03 北海道大学大学院工学研究科 助手
  • 2004/07 - 2004/12 ロンドンサウスバンク大学 客員研究員


  • 1996/04 - 1999/03  Hokkaido University  Graduate School of Engineering
  • 1994/04 - 1996/03  Hokkaido University  Graduate School of Engineering
  •        - 1994/03  Hokkaido University  School of Engineering  Department of Civil Engineering

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  • 観光情報学会   北海道都市地域学会   日本物流学会   日本自然災害学会   日本オペレーションズ・リサーチ学会   交通工学研究会   東アジア交通学会   日本交通学会   日本都市計画学会   土木学会   

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Murakami, Yuichi, Takamatsu, Jun-ya, Kobayashi, Daisuke, Kishi, Kunihiro
    Annals, Public Policy Studies 北海道大学公共政策大学院 16 161 - 185 1881-9818 2022/03/31
  • 北海道の鉄道路線維持のための地方自治体間の費用負担割合に関する研究
    越後紘志, 岸邦宏
    土木学会論文集D3 75 (5) I_1047 - I_1059 2021/04 [Refereed]
  • プロスペクト理論を用いた鉄道廃止代替バスのサービスレベルの設定に関する研究
    交通学研究 64 155 - 162 2021/03 [Refereed]
  • 介護保険事業計画策定のための調査を活用した高齢者の自動車運転状況把握に関する実証分析
    何夢夢, 高松一哉, 岸邦宏, 山中康裕
    都市計画論文集 55 (3) 631 - 636 2020/11 [Refereed]
  • Sustainability of Hokkaido Logistics Network by the Strategic Choice Approach
    Subaru SHIMIZU, Kunihiro KISHI
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 13 1014 - 1033 2019 [Refereed]
  • 北海道新幹線開業後の道南地域における観光客の再訪意識分析
    交通学研究 61 101 - 108 2018 [Refereed]
  • 乳幼児を連れた親の都心商業施設来訪時における遊び場の重要度評価
    都市学研究 54 29 - 35 2017 [Refereed]
  • Transport Difficulty and Its Effects on Feelings of Social Exclusion in Thai Elderly: A Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Approach
    Tithiwach TANSAWAT, Kunihiro Kishi, Kasem Choocharukul, Kunnawee Kanitpong
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 12 538 - 555 2017 [Refereed]
  • Inhabitants' Degree of Peace of Mind for Tsunami Evacuation Planning: Considering Local Community
    Yusuke UMEBARA, Kunihiro KISHI
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 12 216 - 233 2017 [Refereed]
    Tithiwach TANSAWAT, Kunihiro KISHI, Kasem CHOOCHARUKUL, Kunnawee KANITPONG
    土木学会論文集D3 73 (5) I_723 - I_733 2017 [Refereed]
  • 貨物車プローブデータを用いた高速道路選択モデルの構築と高速道路利用促進施策の効果予測
    小澤俊博, 岸邦宏, 野見山尚志, 中西哲也, 五十嵐達哉, 堀口拓未
    土木学会論文集D3 73 (5) I_651 - I_660 2017 [Refereed]
  • 道路ネットワークの食料供給機能寸断による地域経済影響評価手法に関する研究
    末廣真道, 岸邦宏, 岩舘慶多, 中辻隆
    土木学会論文集D3 73 (5) I_269 - I_280 2017 [Refereed]
  • レンタカー観光分析に対するETC2.0プローブデータ活用の可能性と課題
    岸邦宏, 飯野靖文, 水野一男, 宮川香奈恵
    土木学会論文集D3 73 (5) I_609 - I_619 2017 [Refereed]
  • 東本靖史, 斉藤優太, 大島有史, 岸邦宏
    都市学研究 北海道都市地域学会 53 (53) 3 - 8 1343-3261 2016 [Refereed]
  • Vulnerability Evaluation of Logistics Transportation Networks under Seismic Disasters
    Qianqian Du, Kunihiro Kishi, Takashi Nakatsuji
    Transportation Research Record 2532 45 - 55 2015 [Refereed]
  • The Impact of Public Transport Subsidy on Social Inclusion: The Case of Free Train Policy in Thailand
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 11 2558 - 2574 2015 [Refereed]
  • 食料供給機能に着目した北海道の道路ネットワークの評価に関する研究
    岩舘慶多, 岸邦宏, 中辻隆
    土木学会論文集D3 71 (5) I_785 - I_795 2015 [Refereed]
  • 相浦宣徳, 岸邦宏, 阿部秀明, 千葉博正, 佐藤馨一
    日本物流学会誌 日本物流学会 22 (22) 117 - 124 1349-3345 2014 [Refereed]
  • 岸邦宏, 相浦宣徳, 三条肇
    日本物流学会誌 日本物流学会 22 (22) 221 - 228 1349-3345 2014 [Refereed]
  • Influence of Daily SNS Usage on the Collection of Disaster Information and People's Behavior during a Flood
    Asian Transport Studies 3 (2) 171 - 186 2014 [Refereed]
  • Transportation Network Vulnerability: Vulnerability Scanning Methodology Applied to Multiple Logistics Transport Networks
    Qianqian Du, Kunihiro Kishi, Nobunori Aiura, Takashi Nakatsuji
    Transportation Research Record 2410 (1) 96 - 104 2014 [Refereed]
  • 岸邦宏
    交通学研究 日本交通学会 ; 1957- 56 (56) 75 - 82 0387-3137 2013 [Refereed]
  • Borith LONG, Tatsuya MEGURO, Kasem CHOOCHARUKUL, Kunihiro KISHI, Takashi NAKATSUJI
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 10 660 - 675 1881-1124 2013 [Refereed]
    Structural equation modeling has been widely used in various research studies and has been incorporated into many software programs such as Mplus, CALIS, EQS, LISREL, Amos and so on. At the meantime, the diversity, instability of the analysis results or no solutions has been found in some analysis models. Several problems on the numerical analysis such as the constraints of residual variance, initial values and the different solutions by software in use have also been found in SEM analyses. This paper discusses the reliability and stability on the numerical analysis in structural equation modeling by using four kinds of SEM programs and three kinds of sample data. The study will introduce an application of the optimized calculation of genetic algorithms (GA) in structural equation modeling in order to see elaborately what is going on with these issues and also to examine the goodness-of-fit, validity, stability and reliability of structural model. Furthermore, the empirical analysis is presented to discuss the above issue in the questionnaire survey data about drunken driving behavior in Bangkok.
  • Kana ITO, Takashi NAKATSUJI, Kunihiro KISHI
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 10 1086 - 1100 1881-1124 2013 [Refereed]
    Prediction of tsunami inundation area was announced in Hokkaido on June 28th, 2012. Local governments reconsider tsunami prevention. Countermeasures of tsunami prevention are divided by non-structural measures including tsunami hazard map and structural measures including seawall. However, the priority of order is not clear among those countermeasures. The governments cannot decide a policy of tsunami prevention in the future. For this reason, the aim of this study is to propose the suitable countermeasure according to the needs of the people by applying prospect theory. As a result of questionnaire survey in Kushiro city, when non-structural measures and structural measures are improved, non-structural measures are more important than structural measures. Meanwhile, when non-structural measures and structural measures are nothing, these measures don't have difference. That is, the countermeasures which inhabitants want to improve are non-structural measures. However, structural measures should be satisfied with the minimal role for inhabitants.
  • Yasushi HIGASHIMOTO, Hiroshi TAKADA, Kunihiro KISHI
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 10 1323 - 1333 1881-1124 2013 [Refereed]
    Bus management is facing increasingly serious challenges every year, and the execution of efficient bus management is a pressing issue for municipalities and transportation operators. This research performed an analysis of efficiency using a network data envelopment analysis method by using the Tomakomai city bus routes as a model case, with the aim of structuring bus route management from the perspectives of optimizing route arrangement and attracting customers. Regarding the efficiency of route arrangement in particular, this research is characteristic in that it evaluated bus routes taking into account access to hospitals and commercial facilities.
  • Kunihiro KISHI, Hiroshi TAKADA, Yasushi HIGASHIMOTO
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 10 1334 - 1346 1881-1124 2013 [Refereed]
    This study discusses the usefulness of a community cafe as a bus waiting place in local community, depopulated area in Japan. The idea is that passengers can wait comfortably for a bus at a community cafe even when financial constraints have caused the waiting time to increase as a result of reductions in transportation service frequency. To analyze the relationship between passenger's satisfaction with bus transportation when a community cafe is used as a bus waiting place, a multiattribute utility function (MUF) and orthogonal arrays were used. The analysis shows that the utility function scores for factor combinations such as community cafe as a bus waiting place and either longer waiting time, or higher bus fare are higher than those for the combinations of canopied shelter with seats and either shorter waiting time or lower bus fare.
  • Hiroshi TAKADA, Yasushi HIGASHIMOTO, Kunihiro KISHI
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 9 1513 - 1526 1881-1124 2011 [Refereed][Not invited]
    In this paper, we construct a structural model of multiple main factors influencing road section traffic flow and safety, which could not be taken into account using conventional DEA. In this model, road sections are compared in terms of traffic flow and safety, and Network DEA is used to assess comprehensively the maintenance priority on the basis of these two parameters. In addition, the priority assessment of road maintenance sections was tested, taking 64 traffic census section locations from Sapporo City's densely inhabited district as a model case. From these results, we found that the maintenance priority becomes clear in cases where multiple factors are considered, and the usefulness of Network DEA is validated through the comparison of analysis results from conventional DEA and the proposed model
  • Yasushi HIGASHIMOTO, Hiroshi TAKADA, Kunihiro KISHI
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 9 1087 - 1099 1881-1124 2011 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Since the numbers of bus service patrons have fallen considerably in recent years, operational considerations have forced bus companies to focus on profitability over public utility, increasingly leading to the cancellation of non-profitable routes. A reduced regional bus service, however, not only deprives area residents of a means of transportation but also decreases the utility of the area, leading to decreased land values and large accompanying socioeconomic loss. To analyze the effects of reduced bus service such as route cancellations and lowered service levels, this study uses a hedonic approach to develop a model that takes bus service as a parameter for a land valuation function, and thereby estimates the decrease in real estate tax revenue caused by bus route cancellations.
  • HIDAYAT Nursyamsu, CHOOCHARUKUL Kasem, KISHI Kunihiro
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 9 1012 - 1023 1881-1124 2011 [Refereed][Not invited]
    This paper presents an alternative model for evaluating pedestrian level of service at the sidewalk with street vendor activities. Variables in the model include pedestrian perceptions of walking condition based on interview surveys as well as the pedestrian traffic flow and pedestrian behavior as the impact of street vendor activities. The presence of street vendors along the sidewalk is considered important in the proposed model. Data collections, which are conducted in Bangkok and Jakarta, include pedestrian interviews and pedestrian traffic surveys. Factor analysis is used to summarize pedestrian perceptions into several important variables. Then, along with pedestrian traffic data, regression models are estimated to find level of service as a function of the pedestrian perceptions of comfort and problem caused by vendor activities, pedestrian volume, and the number of pedestrian who interact with street vendors.
  • 東本靖史, 高田寛, 岸邦宏
    都市計画論文集 45 (3) 433 - 438 2010 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • HIDAYAT Nursyamsu
    土木計画学研究・論文集 27 (1) 99 - 108 2010 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • 岸邦宏
    Journal of Japan Society of Directories 日本情報ディレクトリ学会 8 27 - 33 1882-9252 2010 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • DEAを用いた道路整備区間の優先順位評価に関する研究
    高田寛, 東本靖史, 岸邦宏
    交通工学研究発表会論文集 29 333 - 336 2009 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • ベイジアンアプローチによる北海道漁業への防災ナレッジマネジメントの適用
    岸邦宏, 河元隆利, 佐藤馨一
    日本情報ディレクトリ学会誌 6 39 - 46 2008 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • 都市間モビリティ・マネジメントによる北海道新幹線の評価
    岸邦宏, 佐藤馨一
    交通学研究 51 79 - 88 2008 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • KISHI Kunihiro, NISHIMURA Naoki, SATO Keiichi
    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu D Japan Society of Civil Engineers 24 703 - 710 0913-4034 2007 [Refereed][Not invited]
    The construction of Hokkaido Shinkansen between Shin Aomori and Shin Hakodate was started in May, 2005. People in Hokkaido hope that Shinkansen is extended to Sapporo, on the other hand, Hokkaido prefectural government must secure revenue efficiently and steadly. This study proposes to apply residential local government bond for the construction of the Hokkaido Shinkansen. It analyzed people's awareness of investment in Hokkaido Shinkansen by Orthogonal Multi-attribute Utility Function and clarified appropriate condition of bond from the viewpoint of reducing costs.
  • Kunihiro Kishi, Keiichi Satoh
    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION 1 (3) 161 - 171 1556-8318 2007 [Refereed][Not invited]
    In Japan, some mass transit companies were withdrawn from bus services in local municipalities after the deregulation in 2002. Elderly people who do not have a driver's license cannot help depending on transport services provided by family members or a municipality or on the remaining public transportation whose stations might be too far from their residences. To establish a new sustainable community transport, we propose a reciprocal community transport system that consists of volunteer ride-sharing transport services provided by residents who own private cars. Naganuma Town, Hokkaido, was applied as a case study, and a questionnaire survey was conducted. It was identified that there were enough potential transport service providers to cover the transport demand of potential service users. However, sufficient countermeasures against traffic accidents was found to be an issue to be overcome to secure the positive participation of residents in the transport system.
  • 東本靖史, 岸邦宏, 佐藤馨一
    交通学研究 日本交通学会 50 (50) 129 - 138 0387-3137 2007 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • HIGASHIMOTO Yasushi, KISHI Kunihiro, LIU Zhigang, SATOH Keiichi
    Proceedings of Japan Society of Regional Science JAPAN SECTION OF THE REGIONAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL 36 (3) 575 - 586 0287-6256 2006 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Conventional traffic policies including TDM have attempted to switch commuters' transportation mode from the motorcar to public transportation mainly focusing on their outgoing trips. However, when commuters choose transportation modes for accessing the destinations, they consider not only the traffic service hours for their outgoing trips but also conditions for the return trips. The departure time of the final transport service and the number of bus services for evening hours are supposed to specially influence them to determine the transportation mode for their return trips. Suppose a case that although a person really wants to go to his office by bus, he cannot help commuting by car because the departure time of the last bus service for his return trip is too early for him.
    To promote TDM policies to minimize motorcar traffic, transport planning considering commuters' convenience in their homeward trips is necessary.
    The number of public bus users is being decreased year by year due to motorization development, which has seriously aggravated public bus earnings, meanwhile improvement of the level of public transport service is being demanded. Further the regulation of supply-demand adjustment of public bus services in Japan was abolished in 2002, and it realized free entry to bus service business and bus operators' discretional abolishment of bus lines.
    The residents have been concerned if the bus deregulation might result in deterioration of the service quality level, specifically in discontinuance of unprofitable lines and a decrease in the no. of bus services. However, bus service businesses should be managed considering not only profitability but local needs as well.
    Factors that are predominantly influential on users' evaluations on bus service quality are the service schedule, no. of services, and operation routes. Efficient bus service operation planning that takes into consideration local needs for these factors is indispensable toward the future.
    This study focused on commuters' return trips whose details have not been fully identified, and through commuter's attitude surveys investigated co-relations between bus service availability improvement for commuters' return trips and their selection of transportation modes. Further, this study analyzed users' evaluations on bus service quality by the improved window method that applies DEA to identify efficiency values of the bus services by district and bus operation schedule for return trips.

    JFL classification: C0, H0
  • 岸邦宏, 佐藤馨一
    都市計画論文集 41 (3) 73 - 78 2006 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • KISHI Kunihiro, SATOH Keiichi
    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu D Japan Society of Civil Engineers 23 591 - 597 0913-4034 2006 [Refereed][Not invited]
    After the deregulation of supply-demand adjustment for public transportation systems in 2002, unprofitable bus routes have retreated. It is very important for local government to maintain transportation for residents in depopulated area However, it is not always the best way to spend subsidy for local bus. The purpose of this study is to develop a process of formulating public transportation plan by residents' intentions in depopulated area.'Support Transportation System' is proposed and this study clarified the areas which Support Transportation System should be introduced and its possibility.
  • 日野智, 岸邦宏, 佐藤馨一
    Journal of urban studies 北海道都市地域学会 43 (43) 23 - 30 1343-3261 2006 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • 東本靖史, 岸邦宏, 佐藤馨一
    Journal of urban studies 北海道都市地域学会 43 (43) 17 - 22 1343-3261 2006 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • 山本千雅子, 岸邦宏, 原文宏, 佐藤馨一
    計画行政 日本計画行政学会 28 (2) 35 - 43 0387-2513 2005 [Refereed]
  • 山本千雅子, 岸邦宏, 原文宏, 佐藤馨一
    計画行政 日本計画行政学会 28 (3) 47 - 55 0387-2513 2005 [Refereed]
  • 東本靖史, 岸邦宏, 佐藤馨一
    都市計画論文集 日本都市計画学会 40 (3) 379 - 384 0916-0647 2005 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • YAMAMOTO Chigako, KISHI Kunihiro, HARA Fumihiro, SATOH Keiichi
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 6 4160 - 4175 2005 [Refereed][Not invited]
    In this study, we examined the application of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) to the evaluation of government services in view of the customers' perspective. We studied winter road maintenance services of the City of Sapporo as an example of QFD application to road maintenance, a public service. Using a descriptive questionnaire, we identified the items of dissatisfaction among road users and quantified their importance. We show QFD, which is based on the philosophy of designing a product by converting market needs into the technical aspects required for the product to meet those needs, to be highly useful for such evaluation.
  • NANTHAWICIT Chumchoke, SATOH Keiichi, KISHI Kunihiro
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 6 573 - 585 2005 [Refereed][Not invited]
    DEA is adopted for evaluating the efficiency of transportation infrastructure systems of nineteen cities and towns in Japan. The cities can be divided into two groups, which are big cities from the whole Japan and small cities and towns in Hokkaido. The decision-making unit here is not a single infrastructure unit, but the whole transportation infrastructure systems in the city which include the road networks and the railway systems. Transportation modes, which serve people mobility, consist of road-using modes (cars and buses) and rail-using modes (JR, private trains, streetcars, subways, monorails, etc.). For comparison purpose, evaluations using various input-output combinations were performed. Furthermore, to achieve robust evaluation, different DEA concepts, including CCR, Inverse DEA, and BCC models, were performed. This study provides a benchmark for cities to improve their infrastructure system management by identifying weak points of each city and suggesting the way to improve efficiency.
  • KISHI Kunihiro, SATOH Keiichi
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 6 3121 - 3134 2005 [Refereed][Not invited]
    In recent years, Japan has recognized a need to actively take measures to reduce CO2 emissions that will bring about the green house effects. Thus, the Japanese central and local governments are rapidly promoting prevalence of low-pollution private cars. This study clarifies awareness of people toward purchase of a low-pollution car to propose measures to improve introduction of low-pollution cars. We made surveys in Tokyo and Sapporo to identify the status of people's willingness to buy a low-pollution car. Citizens of Sapporo are concerned about the environment; however, it does not actually lead to purchase of low-pollution cars. Next, we evaluated low-pollution car prices by applying Kishi's Logit PSM (KLP). KLP that is developed from Price Sensitivity Measurement (PSM) enables the analysis to clarify affordable low-pollution car prices for purchasers. The analysis results have found that there are few hybrid cars that people think their prices are reasonable.
  • HINO Satoru, TAKEMURA Joe, KISHI Kunihiro, SATOH Keiichi
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 6 4285 - 4299 2005 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Transportation network interruption seriously influences not only passenger transport but freight transport as well. Further, It adversely affects regional economic activitiy. Because among the adverse effects of transportation network interruption, regression of regional economy due to freight traffic decrease is most serious, the authors aimed to develop a method for measuring the amount of economic impacts caused by transportation network interruption. We created a method to calculate the amount of economic impacts by using an inter-regional input/output table. The developed method was applied to an actual case in Hokkaido, the interruption of rail freight transportation caused by Mt. Usu eruption. As a result of the calculation, the total damages in Hokkaido area were estimated to be 78 billion yens including those resulting from the ripple effects. The damages for agriculture and food industries were more serious than those for other fields.
  • KINDAICHI Junji, KISHI Kunihiro, SATOH Keiichi
    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu D Japan Society of Civil Engineers 21 399 - 406 0913-4034 2004 
    As a policy which solves city traffic congestion, although maintenance of a ring road is promoted, construction is not progressing in almost all cities. Although under these circumstances Sapporo took the time for about 70 years, maintenance of the ring road which is not a highway was realized for the first time in Japan. The arc road plan in which the reason which Sapporo Kanjo-dori ring road completed was based on an ideal and reality was a factor.
    Moreover, there was thought of national defense, air defense, and fire prevention in the historical background of the plan.
  • 札幌市都心部魅力度評価と交通行動分析
    劉志鋼, 岸邦宏, 日野智, 佐藤馨一
    都市学研究 41 43 - 50 2004 [Refereed]
  • HINO Satoru, HARAGUCHI Masato, KISHI Kunihiro, SATOH Keiichi
    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu D Japan Society of Civil Engineers 23 5 - 12 1349-5712 2004 [Refereed][Not invited]
    In this study, we evaluate the development in Tomakomai port utilizing a policy evaluation model. And, we proposed a new measurement for a posteriori evaluation. For evaluating a development process, we propose a process evaluation model. It is a feature in this study that we utilized a newspaper and an interview survey for evaluating a development process. Although some suppositions in the original plan are not realized, the result in the logic model is obtained by revision of the development process. As a result, it is clarified that a proposed model is one of the effective posteriori evaluation models.
    Preda PICHAYAPAN, Kunihiro KISHI, Satoru HINO, Keiichi SATOH
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 5 3015 - 3030 2003 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • 岸邦宏, 日野智, 佐藤馨一
    都市学研究 北海道都市学会 40 (40) 10 - 15 1343-3261 2003 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • 劉志鋼, 岸邦宏, 佐藤馨一
    都市学研究 北海道都市学会 40 (40) 22 - 27 1343-3261 2003 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Kunihiro KISHI, Satoru HINO, Keiichi SATOH
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 5 3250 - 3260 2003 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • KISHI Kunihiro, TSUKAHARA Sachiko, HARA Fumihiro, SATOH Keiichi
    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu D Japan Society of Civil Engineers 20 111 - 117 0913-4034 2003 [Refereed][Not invited]
    For local governments in cold, snowy regions, snow removal is an important public service. The cost of snow removal fluctuates greatly each year, since it is influenced by snowfall. This study proposes to apply risk financing for snow and ice control project, especially snow removal service of Sapporo in order to hedge the risk of snow removal cost fluctuation. We show how insurance and derivative can level the snow removal cost fluctuation.
  • HASHIMOTO Tadao, KISHI Kunihiro, SATOH Keiichi
    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu G Japan Society of Civil Engineers 31 201 - 208 1345-9597 2003 [Refereed][Not invited]
    This study clarifies awareness of the general public toward purchasing a low-pollution car to propose measures to encourage introduction of low-pollution cars. We made surveys in Tokyo and Sapporo to analyze general public's awareness concerning purchase of a low-pollution car. As the analysis tools, we used Group Fuzzy AHP to quantitatively evaluate factors affecting car type selection and Kishi's Logit PSM to analyze willingness to pay for a low-pollution car.
    Group Fussy AHP quantitatively identified that the more people are concerned about the environment, the greater their willingness to purchase a low-pollution becomes. Kishi's Logit PSM resulted in that the acceptable price of a low-pollution car for purchasers is almost the same with that of gas-powered car. It suggests that if the price downs, people will be more likely to purchase a low-pollution car even if their environmental consciousness is relatively low.
    Satoru HINO, Masato HARAGUCHI, Kunihiro KISHI, Keiichi SATOH
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 5 205 - 220 2003 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Zhigang LIU, Kunihiro KISHI, Satoru HINO, Keiichi SATOH
    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 5 3158 - 3168 2003 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Zhigang LIU, Kunihiro KISHI, Satoru HINO and Keiichi SATOH: “A STUDY ON CONSENSUS-FORMATION IN SAPPORO CITY CENTER REGENERATION BY USING THE EXTENDED CONTRIBUTIVE RULE (ECR)”, Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Vol.5: 3158-3168(2003)
  • 劉志鋼, 岸邦宏, 日野智, 佐藤馨一
    都市計画論文集 38 (3) 541 - 546 1348-284X 2003 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Sapporo City' Subway sector is facing huge debt that continues to increase. Sapporo citizens, the taxpayers are virtually paying subway management cost. Considering the long time span necessary to clear off the debt, the appropriate burden sharing among generations should be considered. It also is necessary to adjust recognized benefit gap by district. This study aims to propose measures from a long-rang perspective for fair share of the financial burden among different generations of the taxpayers and for adjusting the benefit gap by district. © 2003, The City Planning Institute of Japan. All rights reserved.
  • Chowdhury A. R. M. M, Kishi Kunihiro, Satoh Keiichi
    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu D Japan Society of Civil Engineers 19 673 - 682 0913-4034 2002 [Refereed]
    Dhaka-Chittagong container train service is evaluated toward improving physical distribution. The Extended Contributive Rule (ECR) is used to clarify problems, based on public opinion. The ECR analysis confirmed the importance of Dhaka-Chittagong container train service for goods distribution. From the ECR evaluation, three items were found to be very important:"fare", "straightness of train route configuration and on-time performance", and "utilization of skilled goods handlers." Based on the above analysis, this paper recommends a new container service for the Dhaka-Chittagong train, and a new route to reduce the transport distance.
  • 積雪寒冷地における山間部高規格幹線道路の整備効果
    日野智, 佐藤宏城, 岸邦宏, 佐藤馨一
    寒地技術論文・報告集 18 96 - 103 2002 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • HINO Satoru, KISHI Shigeru, KISHI Kunihiro, ASAMI Hitoshi, SATOH Keiichi
    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu D Japan Society of Civil Engineers 19 495 - 503 0913-4034 2002 [Refereed][Not invited]
    By accidents and disasters, the railway service was often suspended between Hokkaido and Honshu. In this study, path-searching model for rail freight transportation is built and is applied practical case. Since the model can search an alternative route considering the timetable, it can evaluate alternative routes involving the frequency and departure time of transportation. It can also evaluate considering the opening time at the suspended link. As a result, it is clarified that car ferry lines are effective in alternativetransportation from the viewpoint of transportation time shortening. Therefore car ferry lines should be considered as an alternative transportation for rail freight.
  • KISHI Kunihiro, SATOH Keiichi
    交通学研究 学術雑誌目次速報データベース由来 45 57 - 66 0387-3137 2002 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Kunihiro KISHI, Yohei TAKAHASHI, Fumihiro HARA, Keiichi SATOH
    Transportation Research Record 1794: 72-76(2002)* 1794 72 - 76 2002 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • リスクファイナンシングによる除雪事業費の平準効果
    岸邦宏, 原文宏, 佐藤馨一
    寒地技術論文・報告集 18 90 - 95 2002 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • HINO Satoru, KISHI Kunihiro, AIURA Nobunori, SATOH Keiichi
    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu D Japan Society of Civil Engineers 18 667 - 674 0913-4034 2001 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Recently, airline companies are required the efficient management. Therefore, there is a fear of decline of airline's service level in the local airlines. In this study, the feasibility of the Hub and Spoke system in Hokkaido utilizing the commuter airline are clarified. From consciousness investigation, it changes clear that airline users choose hub and spoke route due to time-related constraints and is also made clear that one of the factor of route choice is the combination of purpose and traffic direction. As a result, it is shown that the load factor can be improved by airplane operation including the commuter airline.
  • 差分近似によるHuff Modelのパラメータ推定
    坂野匡弘, 岸邦宏, 佐藤馨一, 唐沢豊
    日本ロジスティクスシステム学会誌 2 (2) 79 - 89 2001 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • 交通代替性のビジネス交通行動に対する影響-札幌・函館・福岡の比較から-
    原口征人, 岸邦宏, 佐藤馨一
    寒地技術論文・報告集 17 240 - 245 2001 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • KISHI Kunihiro, YAMAHIRA Hidenori, SATOH Keiichi
    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu D Japan Society of Civil Engineers 18 115 - 121 0913-4034 2001 [Refereed][Not invited]
    The purpose of this study is to evaluate subway systems in Japan from the viewpoint of management and use by Window Analysis on Data Envelopment Analysis. By applying DEA, the following were clarified: Which subway system is managed the most efficiently under the severe management situation, which transports passengers the most efficiently. And then, by Window Analysis time series analysis was carried out. The numerical value goal for the improvement on each subway system was presented on the basis of these results of analysis.
  • SAKANO Masahiro, KISHI Kunihiro, SATOH Keiichi
    交通学研究 学術雑誌目次速報データベース由来 44 41 - 50 0387-3137 2001 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • HINO Satoru, KISHI Kunihiro, SATOH Keiichi, CHIBA Hiromasa
    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu D Japan Society of Civil Engineers 17 827 - 834 0913-4034 2000 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Tohoku Shinkansen between Morioka and Shin-Aomori is being constructed at present. After the opening of Tohoku Shinkansen, the management of Tohoku Line between Morioka and Aomori is transferred to the Semi-public Corporation. Since it is a main route of railway freight train, which connects Hokkaido with Honshu, the persistence of the rail freight transportation is worried. In this study, necessities of railway freight transportation are shown. Alternative pathway and transportation are also examined. As the result, the rail freight transportation fulfilled large role, and the rail freight transportation of the via Tohoku Line persisted was less on the burden.
  • 地方都市における循環バスの利用特性と運賃評価に関する研究
    岸邦宏, 高野伸栄, 佐藤馨一
    都市計画論文集 35 529 - 534 2000 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • コンプリメンタリィ・アクセシビリティ指標の構築と公共交通システムの評価
    日野智, 岸邦宏, 佐藤馨一
    都市計画論文集 35 475 - 480 2000 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • 日野智, 岸邦宏, 浦城義章, 佐藤馨一
    都市学研究 北海道都市学会 37 (37) 45 - 50 1343-3261 2000 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • UCHIDA Ken-etsu, KISHI Kunihiro, SATOH Keiichi, NAKAOKA Ryouji
    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu D Japan Society of Civil Engineers 17 957 - 966 0913-4034 2000 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Overtaking behavior on two-lane and slippery road becomes more difficult because tire-road friction coefficient drops. In this study, overtaking behavior model considering slippery roads is developed and analysis of overtaking behavior is conducted. That is, by developing passing sight distance estimation model and aborting model, analysis of overtaking and aborting behavior on slippery road is conducted. As a result, the following facts are clarified. The length of overtaken vehicle, overtaking vehicle's speed and road conditions affect passing sight distance. The overtaking vehicle's speed and road conditions affect aborting behavior.
  • UCHIDA Ken-etsu, KISHI Kunihiro, SATOH Keiichi
    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu D Japan Society of Civil Engineers 16 577 - 586 0913-4034 1999 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Since intersection delays varies with saturation flow rate and arrival distribution of vehicles, estimating intersection delay needs adjustment process which works these factors. We developed a model which estimates intersection delays using membership function with adjustment process of saturation flow rate and arrival distribution of vehicles. Since parameters in the model are set by measuring intersection delays, the intersection delays from the model have a conformity with real ones performing the traffic assignment.In this study, we propose a traffic analysis method which introduces the estimation model of intersection delays to user equilibrium assignment.
  • KISHI Kunihiro, ISHII Shinichi, SATOH Keiichi
    交通学研究 学術雑誌目次速報データベース由来 42 71 - 80 0387-3137 1999 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • パーソントリップ調査データの解析における小規模データの活用に関する研究
    長瀬龍彦, 岸邦宏, 佐藤馨一
    都市計画論文集 34 907 - 912 1999 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • PFI方式による新交通システムの整備計画に関する研究
    藤田正人, 岸邦宏, 佐藤馨一
    都市計画論文集 34 895 - 900 1999 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • 岸邦宏, 内田賢悦, 佐藤馨一
    土木計画学研究・論文集 16 187 - 194 1999 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • 高橋卓也, 岸邦宏, 佐藤馨一
    土木計画学研究・論文集 16 (16) 155 - 160 1999 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • HARAGUCHI Masato, KON Naoyuki, KISHI Kunihiro, SATOH Keiichi
    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu D Japan Society of Civil Engineers 15 71 - 78 0913-4034 1998 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Civil engineering as well as Agriculture was instructed Sapporo Agricultural College at early Meiji Era. The contents of 'Civil Engineering' was Bridge engineering Structural dynamics. One of the graduates of S. A. C., Isami Hiroi, went abroad for study of pragmatic bridge construction in America, and ofthe theory of elasticity and of the strength of materials in Germany. Afterward he published a lot of paper of bridge engineering and two books from Van Nostrand.
    This paper explainethe theory of bridge engineering of Hiroi hrom the lecture of Civil Engineering at S. A. C. and his books.
  • 高橋香織, 岸邦宏, 加賀屋誠一, 佐藤馨一
    都市学研究 北海道都市学会 35 (35) 51 - 59 1343-3261 1998 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • 日野智, 岸邦宏, 加賀屋誠一, 佐藤馨一
    都市学研究 北海道都市学会 35 (35) 23 - 32 1343-3261 1998 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • 海岸部集落における道路システムの機能と整備課題に関する研究
    岸邦宏, 南正昭, 佐藤馨一
    都市計画論文集 33 121 - 126 1998 [Refereed][Not invited]


Awards & Honors

  • 2018/08 北海道大学 平成29年度全学教育科目に係る授業アンケートにおけるエクセレント・ティーチャーズ
  • 2017/01 北海道大学 平成28年度北海道大学総長賞(教育総長賞奨励賞)
  • 2003/11 社団法人北海道開発技術センター 寒地技術賞(計画部門)
  • 2002/11 土木学会 平成14年度土木学会全国大会第57回年次学術講演会優秀講演者賞
  • 2001/11 土木学会 平成13年度土木学会全国大会第56回年次学術講演会優秀講演者賞
  • 2001/04 社団法人土木学会北海道支部奨励賞
  • 2000/07 第1回鉄道貨物振興奨励賞優秀賞
  • 1999/11 平成11年度土木学会全国大会第54回年次学術講演会優秀講演者賞
  • 1996/11 土木学会平成8年度全国大会第51回年次学術講演会優秀講演者賞

Research Grants & Projects

  • ダンプトラックプローブカーデータを用いた運搬排雪計画策定支援技法の開発
    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science:Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
    Date (from‐to) : 2019/04 -2022/03 
    Author : 岸 邦宏
    本研究は効率的な運搬排雪システムを構築することを目的とする.具体的には,以下の点に着目した運搬排雪の意思決定支援技法を開発するものである.①中間雪堆積場を考慮した運搬排雪計画策定技法の構築,②ダンプトラックプローブデータを活用した運搬排雪時期決定支援技法の構築 そのために令和元年度は,ETC2.0車載器をダンプトラックに装備し,ダンプトラックプローブデータを分析した.ダンプトラックの排雪作業場所と雪堆積場との間の所要時間,速度等を分析することで,ダンプトラックの挙動を明らかにすることを試みた.結果として,年間のダンプトラックの移動データの取得はできたが,積雪量が極端に少なかった年で,運搬排雪作業が研究対象路線でも1度しか行われなかったことから,十分なデータを得ることができなかった.また,中間雪堆積場を考慮した運搬排雪計画策定技法のモデルの検討を行った.現状での運搬排雪は,排雪作業場所から雪堆積場へ運搬されるが,作業の所要時間やダンプトラックの必要台数は,作業場所から雪堆積場までの距離が大きな要因となる.本研究では廃棄物処理の仮置き場の概念を援用し,公園等の空き地を活用した中間雪堆積場を考慮した運搬排雪計画策定技法を構築するために,令和元年度はモデルケースとして,中間雪堆積場を導入した場合の効果をシミュレーションした.結果として,作業場所から近いところに中間雪堆積場を導入することによって,ダンプトラックが同じ台数ならば作業時間の短縮,作業時間が同じとするならば,ダンプトラックの必要台数を少なくできることを示した.
  • 持続可能な札幌市の都市・交通構造とエネルギー供給のあり方に関する研究
    Date (from‐to) : 2018/06 -2019/03 
    Author : 岸邦宏
  • エネルギー消費に着目した札幌市の都市構造の集約化に関する研究
    Date (from‐to) : 2016/06 -2017/03 
    Author : 岸邦宏
  • 北海道観光における観光客導線による総合交通産業エコ事業
    Date (from‐to) : 2012/10 -2014/03 
    Author : 岸邦宏, 中辻隆, 清水孝一
  • 積雪寒冷地域の山間部高速道路利用の安全・安心の定量的評価
    Date (from‐to) : 2009/04 -2010/03 
    Author : 岸邦宏, 日野智, 佐藤馨一
  • 財源制約下における雪対策費確保を目的としたサーチャージ制の導入可能性に関する研究
    Date (from‐to) : 2009/04 -2010/03 
    Author : 岸邦宏
  • 地方都市における生活交通手段提供方策の策定プロセスと評価に関する研究
    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science:Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B)
    Date (from‐to) : 2004 -2006 
    Author : 岸 邦宏
    2002(平成14)年の需給調整規制撤廃により、採算が合わない路線バスの撤退の動きが出ており、過疎地域を抱える地方自治体は、いかにして住民の生活交通手段を確保するかが重要な課題となっている。補助金を投入して維持されるバス路線が多い一方で、地域の人口減少と低いサービスレベルにより利用者の減少が進行する地域では、補助金を投入してまで路線バスを維持することが、必ずしも最善であるとはいえない状況にある。 一方、デマンドバスや乗合タクシーによる需要応答型交通システム(Demand Responsive Transport ; DRT)やボランティアによる輸送サービスが提供されるなど、より効率的な生活交通手段の確保の取り組みが多くの地方都市で行われている。しかし、ひとつの交通手段について実験運行が行われ、利用実績や利用者の満足度による評価は行われているものの、地域住民のニーズに合致した交通手段を明らかにする基準は存在しないのが現状である。 本研究はこの点に着目したものであり、住民ニーズの視点に立った過疎地域における生活交通手段の策定プロセスを構築し、評価することを目的とする。さらに、地域の自家用車を保有する住民が、高齢者等を送迎する輸送形態を本研究では「サポート交通システム」と定義し、サポート交通システムを導入せざるを得ない公共交通の空白地域、あるいは公共交通があったとしてもサービスレベルの低さから機能していない地域はどこであるのかを明らかにする。すなわち、公共交通を維持すべき地域なのか、サポート交通システムで対応すべきかについて、住民の立場から策定するための手法を構築するものである。 平成18年度は、平成17年度に行った北海道士別市を対象とした生活交通手段の策定プロセスの構築に対する詳細な検討と、分析結果を地図上に表示するモビリティマップの作成を行った。
  • 地下鉄駅における乗降位置を考慮したエレベーターの設置に関する研究
    Date (from‐to) : 2001/09 -2002/09 
    Author : 岸邦宏
  • 交通運賃低下における利用者の支払意思評価と誘発需要に関する研究
    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science:Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B)
    Date (from‐to) : 2001 -2002 
    Author : 岸 邦宏
    平成13年度はロジット型価格感度測定法(Kishi's Logit PSM ; KLP)の精緻化に重点を置いて研究を進め、モデルの評価指標の信頼性について明らかにした。平成14年度はその結果を受けて、KLPを用いて公共交通機関の運賃と利用者数について分析を行った。適用事例を以下に示す。 1.北海道におけるコミューター航空 北海道宗谷南部地域において空港が建設され、コミューター航空が就航された場合の運賃評価について意識調査を行った。業務目的と観光目的、目的地が道央圏と首都圏について分析を行い、それぞれの運賃評価と市場規模を考察した。 2.北海道新幹線の函館開業時 北海道新幹線が函館まで延伸された場合の函館〜東京・東北地方の運賃について意識調査を行い、利用目的によっての詳細な運賃評価から、北海道新幹線開業時のサービス提供方策を提言した。 また、KLPのさらなる理論構築を目的として、公共事業に対する住民の負担金領の評価と道路構造改良による心理的負担軽減の価値について適用を試みた。前者は北海道の4都市における除雪事業について、住民の望む除雪水準とそれに対する住民の費用負担意識を分析した。その結果、住民は除雪水準の向上に対して費用負担の増加を受け入れることが明らかになった。後者については、山間部における高規格幹線道路の安全性に対する価値を通行料としてKLPで評価した。そして、KLPの評価指標のうち、基準価格を用いて心理的負担軽減の価値を求め、道路解消による心理的負担軽減の便益を算出した。 以上、主に4つの意識調査を行い、KLPによる利用者の運賃評価と利用者数についての検討、そして公共事業の価値の評価手法としてKLPの理論構築を行った。
  • 建設業関連BtoB電話帳の基本構想と地域経済活性化の機能に関する研究
    Date (from‐to) : 2000/09 -2001/12 
    Author : 岸邦宏

Educational Activities

Teaching Experience

  • Inter-Graduate School Classes(Educational Program):PARE
    開講年度 : 2021
    課程区分 : 修士課程
    開講学部 : 大学院共通科目
    キーワード : populations, human activities, environments, resources, food, land, rivers, coasts, atmosphere, soil, water, groundwater, geo-environment, water cycle, element cycles, ecosystems, poverty, sustainability, climate change, erosion, chemical substances, pollution, risk management, green technology
  • Inter-Graduate School Classes(Educational Program):STSI
    開講年度 : 2021
    課程区分 : 修士課程
    開講学部 : 大学院共通科目
    キーワード : インド、日本、インターンシップ、チームワーク型研究、メンバー
  • Inter-Graduate School Classes(Educational Program):STSI
    開講年度 : 2021
    課程区分 : 修士課程
    開講学部 : 大学院共通科目
    キーワード : インド、日本、インターンシップ、チームワーク型研究、リーダー
  • Regional Transportation Policy
    開講年度 : 2021
    課程区分 : 修士課程
    開講学部 : 工学院
    キーワード : 交通政策,公共交通,物流,都市計画,合意形成
  • Seminar on Social Capital Policy
    開講年度 : 2021
    課程区分 : 修士課程
    開講学部 : 国際広報メディア・観光学院
    キーワード : 社会基盤マネジメント、交通計画、住民参加、公共調達制度、事業評価、インフラ産業論
  • Inter-Graduate School Classes(Educational Program):STSI
    開講年度 : 2021
    課程区分 : 修士課程
    開講学部 : 大学院共通科目
    キーワード : 持続可能性,輸送システム,社会インフラ,環境,政策,国際共同研究
  • Inter-Graduate School Classes(Educational Program):JICA Development Study Program
    開講年度 : 2021
    課程区分 : 修士課程
    開講学部 : 大学院共通科目
    キーワード : National land development, civil engineering, social infrastructure, life cycle management, urban planning, transportation, geotechnical engineering, water environment, bridge engineering, construction materials, sustainable development, technology transfer
  • Regional Transportation Policy
    開講年度 : 2021
    課程区分 : 博士後期課程
    開講学部 : 工学院
    キーワード : 交通政策,公共交通,物流,都市計画,合意形成
  • Transportation System Planning
    開講年度 : 2021
    課程区分 : 学士課程
    開講学部 : 工学部
    キーワード : 交通計画 交通需要予測 交通需要管理(TDM) 公共交通 ユニバーサルデザイン
  • Exercise in Public Design Engineering
    開講年度 : 2021
    課程区分 : 学士課程
    開講学部 : 工学部
    キーワード : パブリックデザイン、シビックデザイン、景観設計、地域・都市計画、環境、バリアフリー
  • Exercise in Infrastructure Planning
    開講年度 : 2021
    課程区分 : 学士課程
    開講学部 : 工学部
    キーワード : 土木計画学 計画数理学 統計学 創成学習
  • Social Infrastructure Policy
    開講年度 : 2021
    課程区分 : 専門職大学院
    開講学部 : 公共政策学教育部
    キーワード : 社会資本、交通計画、事業評価、事業制度、合意形成
  • Urban Technology Policy
    開講年度 : 2021
    課程区分 : 専門職大学院
    開講学部 : 公共政策学教育部
    キーワード : 都市、交通需要予測、都市交通、都市計画、地域計画、まちづくり、用途地域、市街化区域・調整区域、都市環境政策、都市緑化・景観

Committee Membership

  • 2017/05 - Today   International Journal of ITS Research   Editorial board member
  • 2016/06 - Today   The International Association for Cold Region Development Studies   Secretary General
  • 2015/03 - Today   Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS)   Member of the International Scientific Committee

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