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  • Faculty of Environmental Earth Science Earth System Science Biogeosystem Science

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  • 60332475


  • 30046747

Research Interests

  • Paleoclimatology   Organic Geochemistry Paleoceanography   

Research Areas

  • Earth and planetary science / Geology
  • Earth and planetary science / Petrology/Mineralogy/Science of ore deposit
  • Earth and planetary science / Geochemistry/Astrochemistry
  • Earth and planetary science / Stratigraphy/Paleontology

Academic & Professional Experience

  • 2019/11 - Today    Hokkaido UniversityFaculty of Environmental Earth ScienceProfessor
  • 1988 - 1995     Researcher,Geological Survey of Japan
  • 1995 - 2000     Chief Researcher
  • 1996 - 2000     Associate Professor
  • 2000 - 2006     Associate Professor
  • 2006    - Associate Professor,Faculty of Environmental Earth Science


  •        - 1988  Tohoku University  Graduate School, Division of Natural Science
  •        - 1986  Tohoku University  Faculty of Science

Association Memberships

  • Geological Society of JapanGeocehmical Society of JapanJapanese Association of Petroleum Geology and TechnologyJapanese Assocaition of Organic GeochemistsOceanographic Society of JapanAmerican Geophysical UnionEuropean Association of Organic Geochemists   

Research Activities

Published Papers


  • Exp. 353 Indian Monsoon Rainfall (2014/11/29〜2015/1/29、JR)インド夏季モンスーンの復元
    臼井洋一・浦本豪一郎・山本正伸・安藤卓人  NEWS  9-  4  -1  2016/04   [Not refereed] [Not invited]  Prompt report, short report, and research note, etc. (bulletin of university, research institution)
  • Steven C. Clemens, Wolfgang Kuhnt, Wolfgang Kuhnt, Leah J. LeVay, Leah J. LeVay, Pallavi Anand, Takuto Ando, Milos Bartol, Clara T. Bolton, Xuan Ding, Karen Gariboldi, Liviu Giosan, Edmund C. Hathorne, Yongsong Huang, Priyank Jaiswal, Sunghan Kim, John B. Kirkpatrick, Kate Littler, Gianluca Marino, Philippe Martinez, Dinesh Naik, Aditya Peketi, Stephen C. Phillips, Marci M. Robinson, Oscar E. Romero, Netramani Sagar, Katie B. Taladay, Samuel N. Taylor, Kaustubh Thirumalai, Goichiro Uramoto, Yoichi Usui, Jiasheng Wang, Masanobu Yamamoto, Liping Zhou  Integrated Ocean Drilling Program: Preliminary Reports  1  -46  2015/04   [Not refereed] [Not invited]  
    International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Expedition 353 (29 November 2014-29 January 2015) drilled six sites in the Bay of Bengal, recovering 4280 m of sediments during 32.9 days of on-site drilling. Recovery averaged 97%, including coring with the advanced piston corer, half-length advanced piston corer, and extended core barrel systems. The primary objective of Expedition 353 is to reconstruct changes in Indian monsoon circulation since the Miocene at tectonic to centennial timescales. Analysis of the sediment sections recovered will improve our understanding of how monsoonal climates respond to changes in forcing external to the Earth's climate system (i.e., insolation) and changes in forcing internal to the Earth's climate system, including changes in continental ice volume, greenhouse gases, sea level, and the ocean-atmosphere exchange of energy and moisture. All of these mechanisms play critical roles in current and future climate change in monsoonal regions. The primary signal targeted is the exceptionally low salinity surface waters that result, in roughly equal measure, from both direct summer monsoon precipitation to the Bay of Bengal and runoff from the numerous large river basins that drain into the Bay of Bengal. Changes in rainfall and surface ocean salinity are captured and preserved in a number of chemical, physical, isotopic, and biological components of sediments deposited in the Bay of Bengal. Expedition 353 sites are strategically located in key regions where these signals are the strongest and best preserved. Salinity changes at IODP Sites U1445 and U1446 (northeast Indian margin) result from direct precipitation as well as runoff from the Ganges-Brahmaputra river complex and the many river basins of peninsular India. Salinity changes at IODP Sites U1447 and U1448 (Andaman Sea) result from direct precipitation and runoff from the Irrawaddy and Sal-ween river basins. IODP Site U1443 (Ninetyeast Ridge) is an open-ocean site with a modern surface water salinity very near the global mean but is documented to have recorded changes in monsoonal circulation over orbital to tectonic timescales. This site serves as an anchor for establishing the extent to which the north to south (19°N to 5°N) salinity gradient changes over time.
  • Chen Min-Te, Yamamoto Masanobu, Sun Youbin, Turney Chris  JOURNAL OF QUATERNARY SCIENCE  27-  (9)  865  2012/12   [Refereed] [Not invited]
  • Latent 1,500-year climate oscillation in the Holocene,
    Yamamoto, M.  PAGES news, 20, 2, 66-67.  20-  66  -67  2012/12   [Refereed] [Invited]
  • Kumon Fujio, Yamamoto Masanobu, Nagahashi Yoshitaka, Aoike Kan  The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan  115-  (7)  301  -310  2009   [Refereed] [Invited]  Research paper  
    We reviewed the results of previous studies on paleoclimate and paleoenvironment in and around the Japanese Islands during the Last Interglacial period. Sediment cores recovered from deep-sea settings around the Japanese Islands provide valuable information in understanding the ocean paleoenvironment and age framework since marine isotope stage 6. Analyses of pollen, diatoms, and total organic carbon in lake sediments have contributed to clarifying the land climate in detail, in combination with age constraints provided by tephra marker beds. Great progress has been made in tephra stratigra...
  • East-west seesaw of sea surface temperature variation in the mid-latitude North Pacific during the last two glacial cycles
    Yamamoto, M. and Oba, T.  PAGES news  20-  66  -67  2008/04   [Refereed] [Invited]
  • Banakar, V. K., Oba, T., Chodankar, A. R., Kuramoto, T., Yamamoto, M. and Minagawa, M.  Marine Geology  238-  115  -117  2007   [Refereed] [Not invited]  Research paper
  • Abe, C., Yamamoto, M. and Irino, T.  Proceeding of the Ocean Drilling Program  202-  1  -14  2006   [Refereed] [Not invited]  Prompt report, short report, and research note, etc. (scientific journal)
  • IODP Expedition 302, Arctic Coring Expedition (ACEX): A first look at the Cenozoic Paleoceanography of the central Arctic Ocean.
    Backman, J., Moran, K., McInroy, D. and the IODP Expedition 302 Scientists  Scientific Drilling  1-  12  -17  2005/04   [Not refereed] [Invited]
  • Data Report: Organic carbon, and alkenone sea-surface temperature from Sites 1175, 1176, and 1178, Nankai Trough
    Yamamoto, M.  Proceedings of Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results  190-  (196)  1  -10  2004   [Refereed] [Not invited]  Prompt report, short report, and research note, etc. (scientific journal)
  • Nonthermal factors affecting production and unsaturation of alkenones in Emiliania huxleyi and Gephyrocapsa oceanica.
    Sorrosa, J. M., Yamamoto, M. and Shiraiwa, Y.  Advanced Research on Plant Lipids  133  -136  2003   [Not refereed] [Not invited]  Prompt report, short report, and research note, etc. (scientific journal)
  • Data Report: Alkenone compounds and major ellement composition in late Quaternary hemipelagic sediments from ODP Site 1151 off Sanriku, northern Japan.
    Fujine, K., Yamamoto, M. and Tada, R.  Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results  186-  1  -12  2003   [Not refereed] [Not invited]  Prompt report, short report, and research note, etc. (scientific journal)
  • Introduction: Geochemical cycles and global changes
    Tsunogai, S., Montani, S., Obata, H., Ono, T., Watanabe, Y.W. and Yamamoto, M.  Journal of Oceanography  370-  647  -650  2001/04   [Not refereed] [Invited]
  • 山本 正伸  海洋  32-  (9)  618  -622  2000/09   [Not refereed] [Invited]
  • Nkajima Terumasa, Watanabe Yoshio, Harayama Satoru, Yamamoto Masanobu  Journal of the Geological Society of Japan  99-  (5)  ix  -x  1993/05   [Refereed] [Not invited]

Awards & Honors

  • 2019/09   Geologiocal Society of Japan   Paper Award
       Hitoshi Hasegawa, Hisao Ando, Noriko Hasebe, Niiden Ichinnorov, Tohru Ohta, Takashi Hasegawa, Masanobu Yamamoto, Gang Li, Bat‐Orshikh Erdenetsogt, Ulrich Heimhofer, Takayuki Murata, Hironori Shinya, G. Enerel, G. Oyunjargal, O. Munkhtsetseg, Noriyuki Suzu  
    Winner: YAMAMOTO Masanobu

Research Grants & Projects

  • Paleoceanography of the Arctic Ocean
    Date (from‐to) : 2004
  • Paleoceanography of the tropical Pacific
    Date (from‐to) : 2001
  • Paleoceanography of the North Pacific
    Date (from‐to) : 1995

Educational Activities

Teaching Experience

  • Inter-Graduate School Classes(Educational Program):Antarctic Science
    開講年度 : 2017
    課程区分 : 修士課程
    開講学部 : 大学院共通科目
    キーワード : 極域、南極、北極、海氷、氷床、大気、海洋、気候システム、生態系、南極観測、南極条約
  • Fundamental Lecture in Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography
    開講年度 : 2017
    課程区分 : 修士課程
    開講学部 : 環境科学院
    キーワード : 古環境,古気候,古海洋,地球温暖化 Paleoenvironment, Paleoclimatology, Paleoceanography, Global warming
  • Advanced Course in Paleoceanography and Biomarker Geochemistry
    開講年度 : 2017
    課程区分 : 修士課程
    開講学部 : 環境科学院
    キーワード : 有機地球化学 Organic geochemistry
  • Advanced course in Paleoclimatology
    開講年度 : 2017
    課程区分 : 修士課程
    開講学部 : 環境科学院
    キーワード : 有機地球化学 Organic geochemistry
  • Advanced Course in Environmental Analytical Chemistry
    開講年度 : 2017
    課程区分 : 修士課程
    開講学部 : 環境科学院
    キーワード : 化学分析、データ解析 Chemical analysis, Data analysis
  • Arts and Science Courses in English 2
    開講年度 : 2017
    課程区分 : 学士課程
    開講学部 : 国際本部
    キーワード : Polar regions, the Antarctic, the Arctic, sea ice, ice sheet, atmosphere, ocean, climate system, ecosystem, Antarctic expeditions, Antarctic treaty
  • Laboratory Work in Earth and Planetary Sciences II
    開講年度 : 2017
    課程区分 : 学士課程
    開講学部 : 理学部
    キーワード : 堆積物,堆積岩,堆積環境,水圏環境,古海洋,古気候,気象,天気図,統計解析,地震,地震波,震源
  • Freshman Seminar
    開講年度 : 2017
    課程区分 : 学士課程
    開講学部 : 全学教育
    キーワード : 北極域、地球環境、温暖化、気候変動、炭素循環、水循環、人間活動、永久凍土
  • Environmental geoscience
    開講年度 : 2017
    課程区分 : 学士課程
    開講学部 : 理学部
    キーワード : 気候変化、炭素循環、古環境、氷期・間氷期、人類環境、生物圏

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