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Shunsuke Tei
Arctic Research Center
Postdoctoral Fellow

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  • Arctic Research Center

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    Postdoctoral Fellow



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  • 40710661

Research Areas

  • Environmental science / Environmental dynamic analysis

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Published Papers

  • Usability of water surface reflectance for the determination of riverine dissolved methane during extreme flooding in northeastern Siberia
    Morozumi, T., Shingubara, R., Murase, J., Nagai, S., Kobayashi, H., Takano, S., Tei, S., Fan, R., Maximov, T.C., Sugimoto, A
    Polar Science 21 186 - 194 2019/10 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Storing and stable relationships between tree-ring parameters and forest -level carbon fluxes in a Siberian larch forest
    Tei, S, Sugimoto, A, Kotani, A, Ohta, T, Morozumi, T, Saito, S, Hashiguchi, S, Maximov, T. C.
    Polar Science 21 146 - 157 2019/10 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Effects of climate dataset type on tree-ring analysis: A case study for Siberian forests
    Shunsuke Tei, Shin Nagai, Atsuko Sugimoto
    Polar Science 21 136 - 145 2019/10 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Effects of extreme drought and wet events for tree mortality: Insights from tree-ring width and carbon isotope ratio in a Siberian larch forest
    Tei, S, Sugimoto, A, Yonenobu, H., Kotani, A., Maximov, T.C.
    Ecohydrology 2019/10 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Estimating methane emissions using vegetation mapping in the taiga-tundra boundary of a north-eastern Siberian lowland.
    Morozumi, T., Shingubara, R., Suzuki, R., Kobayashi, H., Tei, S., Takano, S., Fan, R., Liang, M., Maximov, T.C., Sugimoto, A
    TellusB: Chemical and Physical Meteorology  71 (1) 1 - 17 2019/03 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Multi-year effect of wetting on CH4 flux at taiga–tundra boundary in northeastern Siberia deduced from stable isotope ratios of CH4.
    Shingubara, R., Sugimoto, A., Murase, J., Iwahana, G., Tei, S., Liang, M., Takano, S., Morozumi, T., Maximov, T. C.
    Biogeosciences 16 755 - 768 2019/02 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Time lag and negative response of forest greenness and tree growth to warming over circumboreal forests
    Tei, S, Sugimoto, A
    Global Change Biology 24 (9) 4225 - 4237 2018/09 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • 8 million phenological and sky images from 29 ecosystems from the Arctic to the tropics: the Phenological Eyes Network
    Nagai, S, Akitsu, T (他54名、Tei. S[45番目])
    Ecological Research 2018/06 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Reconciliation of top-down and bottom-up CO2 fluxes in Siberian larch forest
    Takata, K, Patra, P. K, (他27名、Tei. S[25番目])
    Environmental Research Letters 12 (12) 2017/12 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Tei, S, Sugimoto, A, Yonenobu, H, Matsuura, Y, Osawa, A, Sato, H, Fujunuma, J, Maximov, T. C
    Global Change Biology 23 (12) 5179 - 5188 2017/12 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Tei, S, Sugimoto, A, Liang, M., Yonenobu, H, Matsuura, Y, Osawa, A, Sato, H, Fujinuma, J, Maximov, T. C
    Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences 122 (11) 2786 - 2803 2017/11 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Tei, S, Yonenobu, H., Sugimoto, A., Ohta, T., Maximov, T. C
    Journal of Hydrology 529 (2) 442 - 448 2015/10 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Tei, S, Yonenobu, H., Suzuki, S., Ohyama, M., Gotanda, K., Nakagawa, T., Sugimoto, A
    Palaeogeography,Palaeoclimatology,Palaeoecology  435 (1) 203 - 209 2015/10 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Liang, M., Sugimoto, A., Tei, S., Bragin, I. V., Takano, S., Morozumi, T., Shingubara, R., Maximov, T. C., Kiyashko, S. I., Velivetskaya, T. A., Ignatiev, A. V
    Polar Science 8 (4) 327 - 341 2014/12 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Iwahana, G., Takano, S., Petrov, R. E., Tei. S., Shingubara. R., Maximov, T. C., Fedorov, A. N., Desyatkin, A. R., Nikolaev, A. N., Desyatkin, R. V., Sugimoto, A
    Polar Science 8 (12) 96 - 113 2014/06 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Tei, S., Sugimoto, A., Yonenobu, H., Ohta, T., Maximov, T. C
    Polar Science 8 (2) 183 - 195 2014/06 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Tei, S., Sugimoto, A., Yonenobu, H., Yamazaki, T., Maximov, T. C
    Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences  118 (3) 1256 - 1265 2013/08 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • Tei, S., Sugimoto, A., Yonenobu, H., Hoshino, Y., Maximov, T. C
    Quaternary International 290-291 (21) 275 - 281 2013/03 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)
  • An extreme flood caused by a heavy snowfall over the Indigirka River basin in Northeastern Siberia
    Tei, S., Morozumi, T., Nagai, S., Takano, S., Sugimoto, A., Shingubara, R., Fan, R., Fedorov, A., Gavrilyeva, T., Tananaev, N., Maximov, T.C
    Hydrological Process 2019/09 [Refereed][Not invited]
     Research paper (scientific journal)


  • Water-carbon cycle in dendrochronology
    Tei, S., Sugimoto, A  In: Ohta T, Hiyama T, IijimaY, Kotani A, Maximov TC (eds) Water-Carbon Dynamics in Eastern Siberia.  2019/09   [Refereed] [Invited]  Book review and document introduction, etc.

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