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Juha Saunavaara
Arctic Research Center
Assistant Professor

Researcher Profile and Settings


  • Arctic Research Center

Job Title

    Assistant Professor



Research Interests

  • Japan   Nordic countries   Regional development   Hokkaido   Arctic   

Research Areas

  • Politics / International relations / Arctic and non-Arctic states
  • Human geography / Human geography / Regional development policies
  • Area studies / Area studies / Arctic, Japan, Hokkaido, Nordic countires

Academic & Professional Experience

  • 2017 - Today    University of TurkuJapanese StudiesDocent/adjunct professor (does not involve employment)
  • 2016/10 - 2016/12    Hokkaido University Public Policy SchoolVisiting researcher (funded by the Academy of Finland)
  • 2015/09 - 2016/09    University of OuluDepartment of HistoryUniversity lecturer
  • 2012/09 - 2015/09    University of OuluDepartment of HistoryAcademy of finland postdoctoral researcher
  • 2010/01 - 2012/08    University of OuluDepartment of HistoryLecturer
  • 2006/01 - 2010/12    University of OuluDepartment of HistoryPh.D. Candidate

Research Activities

Published Papers

Books etc

  • 北方開発―北海道の地域開発政策モデルとしてのフィンランドとオウル地方 In: 日本とフィンランドの出会いとつながりー100年にわたる関係史
    Juha Saunavaara ()
    大学教育出版社 2019/06 Single Work
  • 日本とフィンランドの出会いとつながりー100年にわたる関係史
    Juha Saunavaara & Ojiro Suzuki ()
    2019/06 Editor
  • Suomi ja Japani: Kaukaiset mutta läheiset
    Juha Saunavaara & Laura Ipatti ()
    Edita 2019/03 Joint Editor
  • Arctic Connect Project and cyber security control, ARCY
    Martti Lehto, Aarne Hummelholm, Katsuyoshi Iida, Tadas Jakstas, Martti J. Kari, Hiroyuki Minami, Fujio Ohnishi and Juha Saunavaara ()
  • 占領期日本におけるアメリカ政治介入の想定外効果ー政治パージ計画と戦後日本指導層の形成 In, アジア太平洋地域の政治・社会・国際関係:歴史的発展と今後の展望 (杉田 米行 編著)
    Juha Saunavaara (47 - 58)
    明石書店 2018 2018 Single Work
  • The Role of the Frontier: the GHQ/SCAP Economic Policies and Hokkaido. In Thomas French ed., The Economic and Business History of Occupied Japan: New Perspectives.
    Juha Saunavaara ()
    Routledge 2018 Single Work
  • Commercial utilization of the Northern Sea Route and regional development policy – Hokkaido as a case study. In Kari Alenius & Matti Enbuske (eds.), The Barents and the Baltic Sea Region. Contacts, Influences and Social Change. Studia Historica Septentrio
    Juha Saunavaara ()
    Pohjois-Suomen Historiallinen Yhdistys, Rovaniemi 2017. ISBN 978-952-9888-60-3. (386 s.) 2017/04 Single Work
  • "The Unforeseen Effects of the American Intervention – The Political Purge Program and the Making of Japan's Postwar Leadership” in Yoneyuki Sugita ed., Japan Viewed from Interdisciplinary Perspectives: History and Prospect
    Juha Saunavaara ()
    Lanham, MD: Lexington Books 2015 Contributor
  • GHQ/SCAP to sengo no seiji saiken – senryō keikaku ya seisaku ni okeru nihon hoshushugitachi
    Juha Saunavaara ()
    Daigaku Kyōiku Shuppan 2015 Single Work
  • Nation-building. National Identity and the Wider World. Japan and Finland in Transition, 1945–1990
    Juha Saunavaara ()
    Pohjois-Suomen historiallinen yhdistys 2010 Joint Editor

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Connecting the Arctic while installing submarine data cables between East Asia, North America and Europe?  [Not invited]
    Juha Saunavaara
    University of Arctic Congress 2018  2018/09
  • Submarine communications cables: A case study of Arctic decision-making and institutional development  [Not invited]
    Juha Saunavaara
    Arctic Frontiers 2018  2018/01
  • The Role of non-Arctic Regions in the Globalized Arctic   [Not invited]
    Juha Saunavaara
    ISAR-5  2018/01
  • Arctic Subsea Communications Cables and the Regional Development of Northern Peripheries  [Not invited]
    Juha Saunavaara
    The 10th Polar Law Symposium  2017/11
  • Can the Arctic offer a new platform or content for the cooperation between Japan and Finland?  [Not invited]
    Juha Saunavaara
    ICASS IX  2017/06
  • The Northern Sea Route, Trans-Arctic Fiber Cable and Hokkaido Regional Development  [Not invited]
    Juha Saunavaara
    Slavic-Eurasia's Northern Tier: Finland, Russia, Japan, University of Helsinki  2017/03
  • Hokkaido, Regional Economic Policy and the Occupation  [Not invited]
    Juha Saunavaara
    The Economic and Business History of Occupied Japan, Ritsumeikan University  2015/06
  • The unforseen effects of the American intervention – The political purge program and the making of Japan's postwar leadership  [Not invited]
    Juha Saunavaara
    Osaka University International Symposium: Interdisciplinary Perspectives for Asia-Pacific Region: History and Prospect  2014/02

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