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Itsuji Tangiku
Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies
Associate Professor

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  • Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies

Job Title

    Associate Professor




Research Areas

  • Cultural anthropology / Cultural anthropology/Folklore
  • Linguistics / Linguistics

Association Memberships

  • The International Council for Traditional Music   SOCIETY FOR FOLK-NARRATIVE RESEARCH OF JAPAN   

Research Activities

Published Papers

Books etc

  • A new wave of Ainu language revitalization, "Language and Society No.20"
    Itsuji Tangiku (Reports"Japan as a Multilingual Society: The Ainu language 11)
    2019/01 164-183 Contributor 
    Short essay on Ainu language revitalization. Bilingual text in Ainu language and Japanese language.
  • Ainu Poetry Appreciation - Alliteration and rhyme
    Itsuji Tangiku ()
    Hokkaido University Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies 2018/08 Single Work 
    Outline of Ainu verse, especially alliteration and rhyme. Not only about traditional verses but, written or modern verses of Chiri Yukie, Batchelor Yaeko, and Iga Hude. Includes a paper about a hypothesis of Mongolian influence. Non commercial publication.
  • The Fire and Jomon people
    Itsuji Tangiku (The fire in Nivkh lives)
    2017/02 61-82 Contributor

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Sound of condolence in Nivkh traditional music  [Not invited]
    Itsuji Tangiku
    22nd Symposium of the ICTM Study Group MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS  2019/04
  • Come on and join us ! Let's learn! : What did Tasuke Yamamoto see in Poronaysk ?  [Not invited]
  • Ainu language revitalization based on individual activities  [Invited]
    Itsuji Tangiku
  • Ainu traditional literature and Ainu modern literature  [Invited]
    Itsuji Tangiku
    2018 International Conference on Taiwan Indigenous literature  2018/11
  • “Jangar” and Ainu epic song “Yukar”  [Not invited]
    Itsuji Tangiku
    International Symposium "The Epic of The World and Jangar"  2018/09  Ulaanbaatar, Mongol  NPOJangar
  • Language contact between Ainu and Northern languages”  [Not invited]
    Itsuji Tangiku
    Approaches to Endangered Languages in Japan and Northeast Asia: Description, Documentation and Revitalization  2018/08  Tokyo, Japan  National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL)
  • When Did They Cross the Tatar Channel? -The Ainu Epic "Yukar" and Mongolian Epic "Jangar"  [Not invited]
    Itsuji Tangiku
    Interim Conference of the International Society for Folk Narrative Research (ISFNR) 2018  2018/06  Ragusa, Italy  International Society for Folk Narrative Research
  • Tonkori and Shichepshin - A Hyposhesis of the Origin of the Sakhalin Ainu Musical Instrument "Tonkori" -  [Not invited]
    Shinohara-Tangiku Chika and Itsuji Tangiku
    21st Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Musical Instruments  2017/04
  • Transformation from Individual Art to National Art in Ainu and Nivkh  [Not invited]
    Itsuji Tangiku
    The 16th Congress of the International Society for Folk Narrative Research "Folk Narrative in the Modern World: Unity and Diversity"  2013/06
  • Problem of orthography on publication in Nivkh languages  [Not invited]
    Itsuji Tangiku
    2nd International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation (ICLDC)  2011/09


Educational Activities

Teaching Experience

  • Comparative Studies on Languages and Cultures (Lecture)
    開講年度 : 2017
    課程区分 : 修士課程
    開講学部 : 文学研究科
    キーワード : 北海道 サハリン 樺太 アムール カムチャツカ シベリア 先住民 口承文芸 口承文学 アイヌ ニヴフ 文芸批評 文学理論 神話 物語 昔話 叙事詩
  • Inter-Graduate School Classes(General Subject):Humanities and Social Sciences
    開講年度 : 2017
    課程区分 : 修士課程
    開講学部 : 大学院共通科目
    キーワード : アイヌ民族・先住民族・先住民研究・歴史学・考古学・言語学・法律学・文化資源学・文化遺産学・博物館学・文化人類学
  • Ethnolinguistics
    開講年度 : 2017
    課程区分 : 学士課程
    開講学部 : 文学部
    キーワード : 北方 民族 アイヌ ユーラシア 言語 文化

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